Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inspired Ideas latest issue

It is here and it is WONDERFUL!
The latest issue of Inspired Ideas (brainchild of Amy Powers) is available here:

This issue is filled with colorful, imaginative projects that will make you smile, first, and then pull out your crafting supplies to get to work...

My little Doll in a Matchbox is one of the projects.:

Hope the summer has been filled with fun and laughter and lots of splashing (to stay cool)


  1. Hi Jone! I LOVED your matchbox doll project in Inspired Ideas, especially the little quilt! Truly inspired and adorable. I know a couple little girls who would be thrilled with one, if I could find the time to do it. There were so many things I liked in this issue.
    Amy has such a talented group of friends!
    Oh, the project is coming along, slowly. We had hoped to be on to the kitchen by now, but still not ready for insulation or drywall upstairs yet. argh!
    I have decided to make Roman Shades upstairs in our bedroom out of canvas that I am going to paint a mural or something on. I feel excited about that.
    Oh, that Ash, he was a laugh a minute this weekend.
    Thanks for watching the videos! I'm surprised anyone but my mom has patience to watch my lame vid skillz!

  2. Can't wait to read it. The last one was great. So wonderful that you are in this online magazine. Your doll is adorable.