Wednesday, August 3, 2011

knotted hearts

20 years ago, we sold these hearts at Doodlet's.
Oolie and I have been talking about them lately, both of us having the image fuzzy, but definitely stuck in our memories.
When she was here a couple of weeks ago, we were in my studio and I SCREAMED!
There they were - sitting in a frame along with several other little treasures I had collected.
She was looking at things and I was showing her something in particular and THERE THEY WERE!!!!!!
Oh, Happy Day....
above and below
What you do NOT see is that they are smaller than a dime (!!) Each would sit on my thumbnail quite easily and barely cover it.
So luscious and so inspiring to me......and to Oolie.


  1. wow they are gorgeous! Can't believe they are so tiny! Really love the second one from the bottom, such lovely colours. Time to make some more I think :)

  2. jone

    adorei teus trabalhos...lindos!

    Margareth rose

    os- sou do brasil