Sunday, August 21, 2011


Saturday was the day and the workshop went off without a hitch, except that two of the women did not show up for it....
.......we had a wonderful time!

Oolie working hard and happily

beads and buttons we used to decorate with
Here is Kat (aka: Katharine)
and below, her three (THREE!)

Kat and Kerry showing off their beautiful bracelets

here's a close-up of Kerry's
with her beautiful silver

And, some of the buttons that I picked out to use for my own bracelet. We had a day of talking and creating and color and laughter - sooooo much fun.

Kat is off to MICA on Tuesday as a Freshman! She is so excited and I know that it will be such an amazing place for her. I hope that this year will open her eyes to the world of possibility.
Congratulations, Kat, on the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

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