Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thanks to Charlotte

I have to say a quick "thanks" to Charlotte
for the new header on my blog. She recommended that I design a new header that showed more of "me" and what I do rather than my collection of ponies that was a little on the dark side (tee hee)
I sent her a couple of photos of paper cuts and drawings and such and she put these two together to make this very sophisticated green, gray and white design.
I have a feeling that things will "eb and flow" into my next phase of inspiration, so bear with me as I try a few different things out. I would love to hear your thoughts on the different looks, if you don't mind. I appreciate any (and all) comments. xo


  1. how lucky you are to have an honest friend who gives good feedback.
    She got you thinking and moving, and that is all good.

    I am also in ebb and flow towards some new work and it's a bumpy ride, so good to know there is someone also on the path.