Saturday, December 24, 2011

bluebird of happiness

Thought it was time to bring a little smile back into the blog
Here's a little bluebird on a heart.....ready to start the day singing
Lots to be grateful for and no time for "poor me"
What is it about the holidays?
Happy Holidays....


  1. Jone dear-
    Your "bluebird/heart tin artwork" is even more beautiful and vibrant after not seeing it for a few weeks.....the gorgeous colors and unique whimsy in your paintings are just captivating me all over again! I need a full set of these on my walls!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you and Jody for collaborating and creating this amazing folkart! Let's talk SOON!
    LOVE- your Oolie

  2. absolutely enchanting! have a wonderful Christmas Joners! and your little dogs too.

  3. Love the bluebird of happiness and her beautiful patterns. Hope you are feeling better. Outstanding.