Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mom's BIG Move

Kiki, my mom, had a BIG move yesterday. The moving van came and sat out on the street in front of the house my brothers and I grew up in. I watched as they took each box and piece of furniture and rolled it out to the huge vehicle. A little emotionally challenging for me.... and certainly for Mom. It has been tough to downsize from a very large house filled with memories and love to a two room apartment in an five story, sprawling building.

I do think she likes it and will be having the time of her life with friends and so much to do she won't have a minute to think about anything but all the fun she is having.

Do you love the tiny footed bath she found? She loves how deep these tubs are and was thrilled to find such a little one that fit perfectly in her new bathroom.

This is the mishmash that we found after the boxes and furniture had been delivered - aaaurghh!

And this is the moment of calm once we realized it was going to be just right and all would fit - and what didn't could go back to the house - no problem.
You are going to love your new digs, Keek - I know it! Happy Trails to you and all of the adventures and inspiration you will discover in this new chapter.
I love you.......


  1. Gosh Jone, your mum looks just like you. I know how hard that must have been for you both, so many decisions, too few boxes!

    We had to move my mum this year too, so far so good and she has made a new circle of friends.

    Please send Kiki all my best wishes.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I'm almost crying, but they're not sorrowful tears. just emotion. and I DO love the little bathtub. It's a good move. Good Luck and many Happy Memory Making Moments! I can see a fluffy kitty laid out on the back of a sofa taking a sun bath in the window...

  3. I love these pictures of your mom. Did you take them? It will be great for her to be close by with friends. Enjoy Kiki.

  4. WOW!! These pictures are great, Cuz. I can hardly believe that we will no longer gather on Bridle Path -- so many memories, so many emotions. You already have so many stars in your crown; now you have even more for helping Kiki with The Big Big Move.
    I LOVE the bathtub! And all that light coming in through the windows. Yay.

  5. Hey -- just realized Kiki has a sign on her shirt saying "Fragile". I like it! I felt kinda fragile on moving day too, even though I wasn't there! xxoo