Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grayson's Stamps

Grayson was having trouble
thinking about what to give to his friends
Addison and Keifer
for Christmas

I suggested carving rubber stamps for them
He knew immediately that the stamp for Keif HAD to be Snoopy
So, he sketched Snoopy on the doghouse
and carved it in about 10 minutes (!!!!)

Addi is a fairy girl so she got this
beautiful fairy stamp

I am really in awe of Grayson's ability to just pick something up and DO IT..

what a gift


  1. I think I know whom Grayson inherited that skill from:))))
    Much love

  2. Nice work Grayson!!!!!!!!! How do I get on your stamp carving list?
    LOVE- Your Oolie