Thursday, October 13, 2011

class at Los Poblanos - stamps

Oolie was there with some lilies and a cup of tea - Happy Birthday!!!

Isabelle (below left) and her mom, Emily took the class. Isabelle blew us ALL away by carving 8 or 9 stamps in record time (!!!) Her first two are shown above - positive/negative
Look! Oolie joined us for dinner, too.
Nancy carved a couple of beautiful stamps
including the above "tag" stamp
Then, she had a chat with Oolie...

My new friend, Haila, came and brought her sisters,
Sara and Goose (below)
Goose was right up there with Isabelle
She made some beautiful stamps:
Goose's initials carved, above, and stamped, below

I am sorry to say that my other photos were pitiful - blurry and dark.
I have no photos of Haila's "triple "H" tower and Sara's signature. I do not have even one photo of Ashley (!) who did the cutest owl, as well as a cute acorn and "A".
Nancy did the absolute cutest "Ant N" for her aunt and after class was over, she and I did a goat and a little dachsie, in honor of her pup, Rusty.
It was a great class! Thanks to all you ladies who came and played with us.
Hope you had as much fun as I did!

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