Monday, October 31, 2011

ta da!!

What a delightful, inspiring and energetic weekend it was.

International Quilt Market
Houston, Texas 2011
Here it is! My name on the wall and everything.
Gosh, I am so darn lucky to call these amazing ladies my friends

The celebration was GREAT!
(pink champagne and all!)
Anna was so generous with her compliments for everyone.
(Anna Griffin herself, that is)
I don't usually share photos of myself, but Kathy took these and I think they are pretty fun. They really capture the celebration in the air at the Friday night preview.
And, then there is Kate, who, with Anna, made the entire collection - ALL of the blend collections - come to life.

It was pretty cool to be a part of this launch
The booth was beautiful and the people were fantastic.
It was the perfect opportunity to meet some incredibly talented designers without the old feelings of insecurity.
Gosh, maybe I am finally growing up?


  1. Pink champagne and your name in lights, what else could a girl want!

    The fabrics look amazing Jone, many heartfelt congratulations.

  2. WOW! great job! and it looks like a real fun time!! congratulations on a job well done!

  3. Wowie! This is so exciting! I am so very happy for you! Wonderful!

  4. gosh! Thanks Ladies!
    It was really incredible......lucky me.

  5. Jone, Your fabrics are delighful, you are darling, I LOVE your blouse, your glasses, your sense of style!

  6. best ever, right?!
    so happy for you, Jone-
    gorgeous designs from an enormously talented artist and beautiful person.
    and how great that Kathy was there to take all these shots!

  7. Oh you clever, stylish and delightful thing...I am so proud of you Jone...and yes I reckon you can consider yourself well and truly grown up with sparkles of whimsical childhood shining through!