Monday, March 22, 2010

a few good things

When we got home from the Canyon, there was yet another envelope from England....this time from ms arkell. I had sent her some pantaloons I found and she wrote such a nice "thank you" - complete with a painting she did, inspired by a really nice book about birds she acquired.

Lucky me! Such a great letter.... I need to continue to follow that path, too, and not get sucked in by the immediate gratification of email. I do love getting letters and notes from the heart that someone has taken the time to sit and write.... thanks dear Julie!

Here are a couple of the larger eggs that I painted, each sitting in one of my beautiful little baskets. They sure do make me smile - a LOT!

Last, but not least - the "wellies" that I forgot to share last week - Liberty of London from Target!  They are sooo comfy and did very well in the snowstorm that we had over the weekend.
I feel incredibly lucky to have scored them that Sunday morning on the way home from the airport! I think they will be worn quite a bit through the spring around here.....


  1. aaah so beautiful, delicate and very jone! the wellies are so british!
    speak soon? xx

  2. I love your baskets! a great way to package a special truffle nestled in a bed of green mini rick rack for grass. but you know me and rick rack... I have a huge pink shank of it hanging over my sewing machine. it's like frosting to me.

  3. I ordered these Liberty boots for my daughter and now am so excited, seeing your picture. Awaiting the care package form my mother-in-law with them here in Naples, Italy.