Sunday, March 14, 2010

River Rats

Darrell, Cullen, Bruce, Artie, Robert and Jess..... cheers!

These are the guys who rowed us through the Grand Canyon!
They are still down there - on the river.
7 of us walked out last Wednesday, amidst sunshine, wind, snow and ice.
These guys, these passionate River Rats, are still down there flipping rafts and rowing their brains out - "Messing About in Boats" (Wind in the Willows)

This is a view of the boats. 
Everyday we packed up all our stuff and the guys loaded up the boats. 
hmmmm, kind of a "rowing circus".... colorful, hunh?

This is a view of Red Wall Cavern, an incredible place famous for the frisbee games!
Can you see the tiny little people just under the shadow?
 (click on the picture to enlarge)
This place is immense...

As an end note to this post..
....thought you might enjoy a little "splash" in House Rock Rapid (RM. 17.1)
This makes it look a bit larger than it was, but it's a great picture, isn't it?

More to come....

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