Thursday, March 18, 2010

The HIKE Out

Howard decided to hike out with his kayak.
We thought he was crazy.
He was certainly the "Main Attraction" on the trail for all the people hiking down.
The only problem was when the wind picked up and he almost flew off the edge (!)
I was a mess! Didn't want to witness that....
He did finally allow us to help him carry it horizontally when there was wind......whew!

Grayson was a trooper!
He was supposed to stay on the river for the whole trip, but the conditions were not ideal.
Of course, after doing the hike out, he figured that it was a "toss-up"
It was one of the most challenging days of my life - one foot in front of the other.

Sue was snapping photos along the trail.... 

Laurie and I caught up on the icy parts. Thank Goodness she brought "micro spikes" for everyone! Check out the zig-zag trails behind and above us. Sue is up there somewhere.
She became a mountain goat at one point......

Nora carried Grayson's kayak paddle through the snow. 
Check out the "back drop" - so much SNOW!
The last couple of miles of the trail was snowy and icy...and gorgeous!

It was the adventure of a lifetime.
I am sooo glad that I did it - WE did it! 
I feel strong and confident and that anything is possible!!!


  1. From river rat to mountain goat, that was some transformation, gal! Glad to hear you're home and happy... and finally celebrating that birthday. XXXX A

  2. Love the photo of you and Grayson!
    Yes, what an adventure, I was thinking a lot of you during the trip;)
    Have a great weekend my friend

  3. Jone, Jone, Jone.....
    Oh My! The hike out in snow and ice covered steeply traversing trails!
    Thank heavens you all were not hiking DOWN in that shit!!!!! You would have had to belay each other, and might still be there getting out!!!!!! May I PLEASE have a copy of the photo with you and Grayson "head-to-head"? It just about says it all, and I love it......I am weepy just looking at all the emotion between you two!!!!!! I am sending your Cullen good, positive energy for safety and the ride of a lifetime! I just got back from Boston and can't wait to DISCUSS!!!!! I love your painted eggs and keep going girlfriend! Talk to you soon! LOVE- Oolie