Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I LOVE Spring!!!

Ranunculas ....... I absolutely love them...... I buy them as often as I see them.
This time of year, they are available a bunch, so they are everywhere in the house!

Pretty cool that these eggs for my little friends (and family) look so nice with the flowers....

I put "Easter" out over the weekend and these are eggs from a couple of years ago. I try to do different ones each year, but they tend to have the same "flavor" no matter....
I'll post some of the other Easter favorites later on....


  1. Ranunculas, they are SO beautiful!
    They are always very expensive to buy here in Sweden,
    but when you do, it is really something extra!

  2. Ranunculas are my all time favorite flower!
    I buy them every time I see them also. I could eat them up! I also love your Easter eggs!