Sunday, March 14, 2010

TARGET rocks!!!!

I dropped Nora off at the airport this morning around 9:30. We were both a bit worried about the time change to Daylight Savings, so got up quite early. 
We said goodbye and she went inside - I drove away.
I had hoped to get to Anthropologie (xo) but it was too early, so I stopped in Target on the north end of town - wow!
Little did I know that Liberty of London did an amazing line of EVERYTHING for Target and it came out THIS MORNING! I walked in around 10 til 10 and was blown away!
I must've spent 2 hours in the dressing room trying everything on!
Here is what I came home with:

DRESSES! I looked on the adult racks, but was not too thrilled with what I found. 
So, I went over to the kids department and found the "mother lode"  .....OMG!
Check out these vintage Liberty patterns on simple sundresses (XL) ....xoxoxo

I never buy fancy undergarments, but who could resist these beauties? And the bra fits like a dream.... sigh ........ 
I am in love and sooooo happy!

I had to get these ties for Cullen for his birthday - silk! For $17.99. I do hope that he will like them. There were button-down shirts and boxer shorts, too (!) .... swoon .......

Okay, so they aren't Liberty, but these red polkadot glasses were on sale and they are a great size tumbler. Becky, I'll think of you when I have my milk in them....

There are purses, bags, bed linens, notecards, baby clothes - anything and everything...
What a treat, indeed......


  1. start the car!!!!!! I've been fighting off going to Target, 'cause you know; repeat after me if you've heard this before: "I HAVE ENOUGH CRAP!" more than enough. so I will just enjoy seeing you wearing your new lovelies. and call me before you take a carload to the Salvation Army. it doesn't look like we're going to be pulling out the capris quite this week.

  2. You are lucky your Target was so well stocked. Ours were piece meal. Love all you got. Did the kids clothing fit you? I liked it better too. Bought a kid's skirt to use the fabric for.