Tuesday, September 29, 2009

beaUtiful things

My friend Julie was visiting from Colorado Springs and she brought some beautiful "show & tell"...in the form of amazing jewelry. I was drooling!

This one is crocheted flowers top (purple grapes) and bottom (brick colored blossoms)....and in between, the felted blossoms on felted stems to tie around one's neck - soooo lovely!

And here we have "bits" of several pieces, including a carved bracelet and ring and some cherries & blossoms on a brooch. All the colors are so beaUtiful!

Julie went back to Colorado today, but I have a feeling that we will stay in touch much more regularly now! She has infectious laughter and a delightful outlook on life. I love her dearly!


  1. Thank you for comment on my blog - it means a lot to me that people are actually reading it!
    Loving the jewellery and further down the button and wool bracelet. I'm actually making someting very similar myself at the moment - serendipity or what?

  2. How deelicious are the flowers?! Now I really must get started on my tulle fairy flowers-thanks for the inspiration!

  3. OMG That jewelery is TO DIE FOR! where does Julie get these stunning things from? She must be the most fabulous shopper!!
    I am going to do some crochet flowers right now.....1000s of miles apart will not deter me.... xxxxx