Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Great Find!

Last Saturday afternoon, I went to a book sale up at Museum Hill (where there are several museums all in the same place) I was lucky to find the most wonderful books that make me so happy!
This first one I got for the cover. It is like a beautiful carving. The images are so fantastic and such an inspiration to me...it was just $4.
...And these are really the best! I know that I had books illustrated by Virginia Kahl as a child, but I am thrilled that my friend, Anna and I found these! Lucky stars, for sure....hmmm, the "Rudolph" is really a find! "An authentic reproduction of the original edition of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for just $2! And we were there the last half hour of the sale....wow....


  1. They are amazing and nice, very nice!

  2. wish you could see the illustrations in the Virginia Kahl books. I will try to take a few "interiors"....

  3. I love the scenes on the top book-that whole cover would make a fabulous stamp. Did you notice the hand stamped label in my apron? I saw that someone took old book covers like this one and cut out a small hole and used it as a picture frame. I loved it but could never do that to a book.....against the code of book lovers!

  4. yes! I love the label on the apron...I LOVE THE APRON!!! thanks!