Saturday, September 19, 2009

a "Santa Fe" Day

Today was a beautiful day in Santa Fe - just for Sue, who came all the way from Massachusetts to visit! We went to the Teahouse, of course, after a morning at the Farmer's Market. There was an Artists' Market going on as well, which made us extremely happy! I didn't get any photos, but Sue might have. We met some wonderful artists and bought a few lovely things.

Here are a couple of good photos of the Teahouse - quiet and serene. We had a terrific lunch and lots of chai - yum!
Absolutely love this garden - my second home!
...and here is the outside menu, which I wrote out a few months ago - for the summer. I think that the menu will change for the fall, so I'll be re-writing it. I was rather impressed to be able to write on such a large surface, seeing as how I usually work so small... not bad....

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