Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Mushroom

Last night, I finished the mushroom. It looks pretty good, though I still have quite a bit to do for this project. I am pretty happy with it, though, and can't wait to finish the caterpillar so he can sit atop and view the world of Wonderland.
And, these are some little goodies I have been working on. I will show them in more detail on a later post. Right now, they are covering my kitchen table, along with the ribbons, buttons and beads that I am using to decorate them.....
...and I love this ribbon! I bought it once in a shop that my friend, Alison took me to in Salem, Massachusetts.. It reminds me of sherbet ice cream.


  1. brava, my dear! the mushroom is FABULOUS!

  2. Love those bracelet type things. It would be fun to wear ten or so but they look a bit small for bracelets. Can;'t wait to find out what they are.

  3. not as small as you think, Taylor! You will find out soon enough (hint hint)
    and Greta....thanks! the mushroom IS as cool (or cooler) than it looks - I can't WAIT til its' done! xoxo