Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This morning, after getting my family out the door, I had several errands to do. After the mundane - bank, post, grocery store - I went by the Teahouse to pick up my "vice" - "Cowboy Chai"....YUM! My friend, Dionne, owns and runs the Teahouse and it is a favorite "hang" for locals, including me. I love to go in the morning and sit in the garden, sipping my chai. Now that the weather is getting cooler again, I will add a bowl of oatmeal (made with black rice and steel cut oats and a dollop of clotted cream on top - it is purple!) or some "Confetti Eggs," which are steam scrambled. You can also get a fantastic scone that it huge and out of this world delicious and could pretty much last you all day!

Here is a quick view of the garden, though it really doesn't quite capture how luscious it is.

Sitting in the garden one morning last week, I did these sketches for my "Alice in Wonderland" project. I am still working on the mushroom, so haven't yet gotten to these little guys yet, but I like the drawings. I don't quite know how to produce them. ....hmmmmmm... 3" tall ...... but am looking forward to the adventure...

In the same parking lot as the Teahouse is this artist's studio that is such a treat.  The folk art, made of wood and painted on wood, is by Ed Larson, whom I have never met, but have long admired his work. I hope you can "zoom in" on this photo to get the details of his work and some of the humor..... I have dreams about the big green fish.....


  1. j~

    thanks for transporting me back here through this. makes me miss you so much!

  2. I would have chosen the scone, in the Teahouse!
    The Teahouse seems to be a very nice spot!
    I admire your energy, Jone, you are such a creative and wonderful person!
    Today Melker and I are going to Sam for afternoon tea, maybe we get som scones there!
    Have a nice day

  3. Oh Becky... I wish you could join me at the "Tea"

    You would love Santa Fe. It has incredible photographic inspiration.
    We are driving up to the mountains today and I will take photos to show you all what I love about living here.

    xoxo Jone