Friday, September 11, 2009

Paper Pictures

I can't believe that I have gone almost a week without a post. Guess that shows how busy I have been with volunteering at school, which I am trying to cut back on....

This angel is cut freehand from paper. I did an entire series of these "paper pictures" after my knee surgery almost two years ago - birds, houses, 12 Days of Christmas! I still look at them and pat myself on the back. I think they are really wonderful. Sometimes I just need a boost - to get away from the insecurities that creep into my head as an artist. Still, the limited feedback I have received has not been overwhelming. I second-guess the necessity for simply doing what makes me happy.
I will show more of these, at some point, but had an "okay" photo of this one, so here it is. Have a good, creative weekend, my friends!


  1. this angel is very beautiful, and very oddly looks like you!
    the limited feedback always happens when people just don't know what to say, usually because they cannot associate the picture with something else they have seen. This image is my favorite of yours so far......

  2. thanks, Dani - wish you could see all of them. I was so happy with the process.....