Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chilly and Wet

It's raining in Santa Fe, which is unusual. Hopefully, it is a foreshadowing of a wet winter and lots of  *s*n*o*w*  on the mountain. Funny that only two days ago, I was sitting in the hot sun watching a soccer game. Today, the temperature has dropped considerably and it is chilly! Maybe we will be turning the heat on and lighting the fire soon.This photo is the back porch (and back yard) from the kitchen door. The glass is cracked,  but I love how it sparkles - can't think about replacing it yet. This is the door we call, "The Bird Channel" because the cats plant themselves here to watch the birds go about their business - in nests up in the porch lights, or hopping around the porch.....


  1. just 2 miles away from you, we have had a fire the last two evenings. and this morning the view out my window, The Bird Channel; is giant blue jays scarffing the seeds from my Mammouth Sunflowers like there was no tomorrow. there's never a dull moment in The Land of Enchantment.

  2. i wish wish wish this was me! sunshine is all well and good but what is better than a chilly, rainy afternoon with a fire?

    happy autumn, dear joni!