Sunday, September 6, 2009

Up the Mountain

Today, Cullen took Jack (the "baby" lab) to the lake. So, Grayson, his pal, Willy and I took Kipper (my husky/shepherd) up to the mountain. What a day! My eight-year-old dog reverted back to puppyhood in a matter of moments. I haven't seen her that happy since we got the "puppy" (who is now a year and three months and weighs 90 pounds!) Here she is on the way up the trail, which did take a while due to all the squirrels and chipmunks that needed to be chased!
It is so nice to walk the ski area in the summer and see all it has to offer and the trails without with feet of snow piled on top. We are lucky to be just half an hour down the mountain from this paradise....

Today, I started to find "heart rocks" as I always do. But, after finding a couple and taking pictures, I thought, hmmmmm, I should take pictures of all the ones I find. Well, after thinking that, I did not see another one! I came across a dandelion and picked it. I closed my eyes and made a wish, which I cannot disclose or it will not come true. At any rate, after making the wish, I began to find the rocks again.... in abundance (No, that was NOT my wish...)

It dawned on me that really, one cannot demand that one will find a "heart". One must come across a "heart" in stride. We cannot expect that the wonders that intrigue us will be there for us on demand. We must keep an open mind and open heart to find the special things in life that delight us and make us complete.

Here are just a few of the hearts I found today.... on the mountain....

Love to all who find hearts wherever they look.... enjoy the moment!  xo


  1. yay- a Jone pony blog! hearts to you, my friend. xoC

  2. Jone, I love love love heart rocks. I think people with big hearts find the most of them scattered around their lives.

  3. Dottie and I went up the mountain too, on Sunday. she was in absolute heaven. I looked, but didn't find a heart shaped rock this time. no matter, her doggie laughter was worth the trip. then we went to The Tea House for a scone and lattes.