Saturday, September 12, 2009

...broken heart...

My friend, Brantly called me tonight with news of her youngest daughter's death in a car accident last night. My heart is broken. Even having been through it myself, I cannot grasp the possibility that one can live through the loss of one's child. But, I am living proof that it is possible. And, knowing Brantly, she will make the choice to move through the difficult months ahead and find her way back to joy. And, Elena will live in her heart and the hearts of her father, David, her sister, Bibiana and her brother, Sam.

My love and prayers are for them tonight and for Elena, that she has found wings and will fly free and watch over her beloved family always......


  1. thanks Becky.... all prayers help xo

  2. your friend is very blessed to have you. and so am I!!!! We'll circle the wagons in the spirit world for them and lift them up. how very,very sad. All my love,

  3. Oh, honey --
    I am heartsick over this. I'm glad Brantly called you...I remember when we heard that someone's child had died and she said "You will smile again, and even laugh again" and we could scarcely believe it. But it was true. Oh... I will pray for Brantly.

  4. thanks, cuz......I will tell her that. I'm going to go to NC to be with her in November, I think.....

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