Tuesday, February 16, 2010

again, so lucky....

My dear friend, Anna ("Queen of Flat Rate" for those of you who follow the blog) made this wonderful potholder for me for Valentine's Day. It is made from fabric designed by my friend, Sharyn Sowell, who cuts the most extraordinary things from paper - like Rob Ryan.....
What you may not see is that the tiny heart in the middle of the center pink flowery heart is stitched, so that it has a "quilted" effect. I LOVE it so much!!! Thanks to Sharyn for her amazing talent and to Anna for her amazing eye...and talent, too.

And then, there is Oolie...my Oolie... who has made the most charming little secret place to visit - Briancon in a Box - ha!  I think that I was lucky to receive the "prototype" and did not post it until now, as I am seeing the others pop up on freinds' blogs.
Thanks, miss Oolie, for your generous spirit, your infinite creative desire and your friendship! 


  1. mmmm totally agree with the laivsh comments on your delightful gifts....you are blessed indeed!!!
    enjoyed speaking with you, as always....

  2. Oh my, I think they are both so clever! And you are clever, too, and so sweet. We must visit in person one day soon. It's early early spring here and I am so happy to have winter past. Off to the nursery today to buy two pie cherry trees! Hurrah! Life is full of happy adventures. And if it's okay I'll add you to my blog sidebar...