Saturday, February 6, 2010

fun with sylvie

My friend, Sylvie, came over to have a "Craft Date" yesterday, so Mom and I and Sylvie sat at the table and made rubber stamps. (I will post the directions soon)

Sylvie had very definite ideas about what she wanted and directed me in cutting out the images she desired. There is something to be said for be asked to create something in a moment. I think it is an exercise that keeps a person on their toes, so to speak.... and I like the challenge!

Mom was cutting out her image (see for more details) and Sylvie was writing out her list of classmates who needed valentine cards.

After cutting out the "heart of flowers" that Sylvie requested, I gave it to her to paint so that she could stamp it............. the tongue helps in concentration....for sure!

These are some of the stamps that I had made before, plus the "heart with S" and the "floral heart wreath" that I made for Sylvie. I wish I had a photo of the cards that she finished - wow. Her color sense is enviable, as are her sweet notes to each individual.

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