Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Love You

Isn't this a cute couple?
They were made in Russia a long time ago.
They lived at a shop named Doodlet's for many, many years. 3 years ago, they were gifted to me by the owner of Doodlet's, my dear friend, Theo Raven.
Now they lived at my house.
Hope that this month of "love" inspires you to be in the moment and express your feelings directly to those who mean so much to you.
I certainly love and appreciate all of you.......   xo


  1. They are darling! How did I miss them amidst all the stuff at Doodlets!
    How nice that Theo gifted them to you! Enjoy your Mom's waning visit. See you soon with a carload of craft stuff!!!!!! LOVE- Oolie

  2. Back at Cha! like James Taylor sang; "Shower the people you love with Love, Show them the way you feel". you're the Queen of that jone!