Monday, February 15, 2010

Dogs in the Studio

My dogs thought it was cool that Oolie and I were in the studio, so they wanted to be in there with us....and then out...then in...and so on and so forth....ALL DAY FOR THREE DAYS!

Here is Miss Kipper Dog - my 9 year old Husky-Shepherd mix and constant companion. She was pretty bummed when Jack came to live with us, though he is a good form of entertainment.
Constant entertainment! I think that the days when Jack goes to the office with Cullen, or hiking, or whatever, Kipper is like a puppy and bounces right into the studio to spend the entire day at my feet, snoring away...or keeping her du-claw at a desirable length. I love her so much.

And Jack. Here he is on the landing of the stairs up to the studio. He likes the overview he has from this particular seat. He spends a lot of time running up and down the stairs. When he is in, he wants to be out. He will put his (very heavy) head on my arm, which totally messes up whatever I happen to be drawing at the moment. It is his way of saying, "I am being really patient, but I must go outside right now!" He is a beautiful dog, really, and I think we are very lucky to have him around....


  1. dogs are the BEST! kitties are good too, but those dogs!!!!!!!!!!!! Dottie is right at my feet just now. Stephanie got her Mother Lode of stickers and Jone Inc. stuff and is having an absolute ball with them. thank kew!

  2. there's a tee shirt that says: Agenda for the Day: Let the dog in Let the dog out Let the dog in Let the dog out. It was in one of those Spencer's Gifts catalogs at least ten years ago. I cut it out froml the catalog and taped it on a picture of my husband, wearing his regulation Penney's tee shirt and made a card out of it. that about sums it up. "is the grass greener out/in there yet?" Thanks for the Shout Out about my cute little potholder, I love that series of fabric. that would be a cute pinafore for a little girl going to a Valentine party...