Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Flat" Stanley, Caroline and Maria

Do you know about Flat Stanley? There is a story they read in first or second grade about a boy named Stanley who is crushed by a bulletin board (!) Gruesome, but not real.
The "silver lining" though, is that he can now travel everywhere in an envelope - to visit places all over the world. Great concept....

This is Flat Caroline. She came from Washington, DC. Our niece, Caroline, drew her and sent her to us. Our responsibility is to write about our state, New Mexico, and take photos with Flat Caroline around town. It has been pretty fun.
The great thing about this project is that the kids send their "flat" dolls around the country to friends and relatives and those people, in return, send all this information and photos back to the classroom so that they kids will have "first hand" information....cool
Flat Caroline helped us do some Valentine painting last week. She enjoyed the "box of paints" (hmmmm, a little "joni mitchell" reference)

Flat Caroline joined Grayson's swim team on the bus to go to a swim meet last weekend. The kids were very patient with holding her and allowing me to take a photo. (Grayson is fourth from the left, wearing purple and holding FC)

Along with all the photos and the bits of information about Santa Fe and New Mexico, I decided to draw a "new friend" to go back to DC with Flat Caroline. Her name is (Flat) Maria and she will be cut out when she gets to the east coast. She is dressed in a velvet skirt, turquoise jewelry and a silver concho belt - all pretty traditional dress around here.

I hope that Caroline will enjoy the information that we sent and that the addition of Maria will be fun for all.

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