Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to MOM!!

Today is my mom's birthday!
This photo is from the beach last June when we were there to celebrate the twins' 4th birthday. It is one of my very favorite pictures of my mom....

My brother John and his family (wife, Wendy and twins, Haiden and Cece AND their other grandma, Nonnie) are visiting from California to help her celebrate.
My brother Bill and his family live in Austin. He and wife Carriline, daughter Leila and son Jake will be a part of the festivities, too.
Sorry to be missing it....

Hope your day is GREAT, Mom, and that the family visit is spectacular!
Happy, HAPPY Birthday to YOU!!!


  1. Hi Jone.... I haven't seen your mom yet for her birthday, but we are getting together on Wednesday for dinner.... I heard she wasn't feeling all that well today..... I hope she is better by then. I hope to see you again soon! Love your new and constant endeavor...always an inspiration to me! Your mom talks about you much.. I always ask! XO Trish

  2. By the way.. I LOVE that photo of Kate, too! She is so precious to me! XOXOXO Thanks for sharing it!