Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Swedish" Birthday

Yesterday was one week before my birthday and I received some wonderful surprises!

When I checked the mail in the afternoon, I found this beautiful little package - from "Sverige" (Sweden) I could hardly wait to open it!!!!!
The stamps on the envelope are lovely yellow birds and a peach!
Inside, a delightful green and white numbered card with a tiny red heart (xo) and a package wrapped in a sheet of "music" stamped with a nice brown stamp.....and tied up with red and white twine!

wow........WOW! I opened up the package to find the most fantastic "medal for valour" - complete with a star! I will wear it with great pride on those days that I feel the need for some self-confidence, which may be more often than I'd like to admit....
..... it is CHARMING!!!! Thanks to dear Becky (!) for your imagination and creativity and generosity. I am sooooo happy to meet this charming little guy. I think we will be good friends!

And Anna Bears! Thanks for the yummy "Siljans" - which Cullen has already have I.
A sweet surprise to see you at the gate.... enjoy Nambe.

Happy Happy Day to ALL!

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  1. I thought you'd like that knackbrod. and I just love going into the market that sells it. I have many good memories of those crackers. and the wrapper is just as lovely. (I bought Alicia a wheel of it when she was here to take back to college)it's a big part of her childhood, too.