Monday, February 8, 2010


well, here is what I submitted for the "LOVE" challenge on 
Spoonflower this morning....

Above is the repeat of the four hearts all topsy-turvy. Too bad that you can't really see all the detail in the hearts in the repeat. I have posted the "single of four" below, so that you can get an idea of what the hearts are like on the inside....
Mom left in a blizzard this morning. We were fortunate that there was ONE place left on the shuttle to the airport. The roads weren't very good, so we were a little late getting to the shuttle. The driver was very nice, though, and got Mom to the airport safely. She just called from the airport in Austin, so she is home safe.

Love you, Mom. Glad you were here for such a nice visit. Sorry the weather was so chilly, though. You saw more snow in a week than you have seen in a long time.
I hope it doesn't rain too long in Austin and that the sun shines again soon!


  1. WOW! This is spectacular! I need a yard of this. Seriously, can we order this on Spoonflower? LOVE the hand cut pink hearts, reminds me of construction paper valentines. xo Kathy

  2. Lovely Fabric! I'll vote for you again!

  3. excellent! like Kathy said, it's reminiscent (my spell check alarm didn't go off, so I hope that's right)of "colored paper" valentines. I love it! If I could draw, I'd make one of Valentine sugar cookies all neatly in a row. I'm in love with Robert Kaufman's cupcakes in pretty striped papers. which reminds me, those Swedish cupcake papers they have at Ohorris are gnawing at me. I'll have to go in and visit them. I'm fighting it off because I never make cupcakes, but they're fabulous!

  4. It's amazing! I love your fabric designs! Will list you in my blog roll!